Professional University and College Transport Across Minnesota

From sports team travel to ROTC transport, Richfield Bus Company offers comprehensive motorcoach and college transport services for colleges and universities throughout the Twin Cities metro region.

Athletics and sports team travel make up the majority of college and university transportation needs, but there are many other reasons why groups of students, faculty, or other college staff need motorcoach transportation. For example, choirs and bands often travel for competitions and concerts, students and faculty attend many conferences and exhibitions, and university ROTC programs frequently need transportation services to various military training events.

Safety-First College Transport

When we work with schools, including colleges and universities, safety is our top priority. Richfield Bus Company’s safety directors implement a rigorous preventative maintenance system with full safety inspections of each vehicle before each trip, and routine care and upkeep is regularly scheduled.

For college and university transportation, we know it’s important for groups to stay on schedule. Teams late to games, matches, or tournaments often forfeit their place, important parts of conferences can be missed if transportation isn’t on time, and many other problems can occur if students or faculty are late. We are committed to keeping a schedule on time, even in the event of a break-down or other mechanical issue.

Our Support Network Ensures a Smooth Ride, No Matter What Happens

While we can’t guarantee zero chance of a mechanical issue, our motorcoaches have experienced little-to-no problems on all our trips. In the rare event there is a problem, Richfield Bus Company has a large support system that will send replacement vehicles quickly. Groups can trust us to get them anywhere they need to go on time.

In addition to safety, we also make it our goal to make trips comfortable. Our executive, mid-size, and deluxe passenger coaches all have onboard Wi-Fi, reclining seats, personal device charging stations, and baggage storage that can handle any capacity and type of college and university luggage, including sports gear.

To learn more about our transportation services for colleges and universities in the Twin Cities area, contact Richfield Bus Company today at (952) 881-1111 or email us at