Approved Military Bus Carrier

Richfield Bus Company has established security systems and transport operations that pass specific approval procedures to carry U.S. Military personnel and troops. As a military-approved carrier, we meet very rigorous requirements. Not only does this include the Defense Management Office’s DoD Bus Agreement #5 rules, it also includes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s provisions laid out in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Both of these regulate the standards that bus and motorcoach carriers meet with the main goals of reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Our motorcoaches fully adhere to federal and military safety standards, in addition to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and state guidelines. For troop and military personnel with specialty equipment and exact schedules, Richfield Bus Company offers the necessary transportation services.

FMCSR and DoD Bus Agreement #5

The main components of the FMCSR are Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA). CSA is a data-driven system of enforcing safety practices that reduce crashes that cause vehicle damage, pose dangers to public safety, and harm passengers and drivers. The CSA program monitors and oversees our safety performance, including alcohol and drug testing, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, ADA compliance, handling of hazardous materials, and more. Through the FMCSR CSA program, we provide detailed reports of our recorded travel, drivers, service hours, compliance, and more.

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As a military-approved carrier, safety is a critical aspect of our services. Richfield Bus Company rarely experiences any mechanical issues or equipment failures during a trip. We perform rigorous preventative maintenance and safety inspections on all the vehicles in our fleet, and our safety directors and staff have extensive training for all transportation circumstances. In the unlikely event there is ever a mechanical problem, we have a vast support system that can get a replacement vehicle to respond to any location quickly.

In addition to following military, federal, and state regulations for safety and transport operations, we also make it our goal to match our veteran drivers with military trips. To learn more about Richfield Bus Company as a military-approved carrier, contact us today at (952) 881-1111 or email us at