Wedding Transportation

We take all of our transportation seriously, but we are especially honored when clients include us in their special day! When it comes to wedding transportation, we can provide all the amenities and extra services that the wedding party requests, including photos of the bride, groom, and wedding party during transport, customized event display signage on the vehicle, decorations, gift bags on the seats, music, and much more. We understand the importance of everything going just right on your wedding day, and we are happy to meet any special requests as your transportation service.

In addition to our executive, mid-size, and deluxe motorcoaches, many wedding parties request the use of our vintage, classic bus for a retro, unique transportation experience on their special day.

Don’t Worry About Safety on Your Special Day

Our safety directors and full staff have extensive training to support safety in all areas of our operations and transportation services, ensuring you and your guests are safe.

We follow all safety guidelines of the United States Department of Transportaqtion, International Motorcoach Group (IMG) and the United Motorcoach Association (UMA)

Thanks to our membership with these organizations, we have a large support network that ensures if there are ever mechanical issues on your trip, we have a team that will respond rapidly to any location. We also have backup motorcoaches that can get you quickly on your way without delay.

You have enough to focus on during your special day; don’t let transportation distract you from enjoying it. We will provide safe, convenient, and comfortable wedding transportation options for your wedding party and guests! Richfield Bus Company has the services you need. We work with you to schedule all necessary wedding transportation and provide the motorcoaches to carry groups of all sizes. To learn more about our services, contact Richfield Bus Company today at (952) 881-1111 or email us at