Transport Options for Your Workforce

The Twin Cities region is the largest industrial center in Minnesota. The engineers, technicians, and expert fabrication workers that make up the hardworking players in different manufacturing industries commute into the region from all over the greater metro area. As the region continues to grow, this workforce is requiring and demanding more options to get to work. Richfield Bus Company’s experienced transportation management team has years of experience in working directly with companies large and small to set up employer-sponsored transportation programs to help connect the region’s workforce with job opportunities. Whether it’s production line manufacturing, off-site corporate training or a high-volume project where extra hands are needed on a short-term basis, Richfield Bus Company can work with HR departments and talent agencies to formulate a custom transport solution to help your organization meet business goals.

Providing an employer-sponsored transportation program is a proven tool to improve recruitment and retention for employees. Richfield Bus Company employs a collaborative approach to these projects. Our deep understanding of workforce-transport services can help identify functional transportation solutions to meet your needs.

Beyond just serving as people-movers, we also offer technology solutions to support workforce transport programs including GPS tracking, on board WiFi, workforce mapping for custom route creation, ridership reporting and dedicated transportation management support to ensure that your workforce transportation program is a complete success. Our network of relationships can help match community characteristics and workforce demographics with the industry need you are looking to address. We also help connect you with experts on state programs to assist with tax credits and ways to leverage third party support for total program success.

Richfield Bus Company is the top charter bus and motorcoach resource in the Twin Cities metro area to partner with for employer sponsored transportation programs. To speak with our team of transportation management professionals, contact Richfield Bus Company at (952) 881-1111 or email us at