Why Renting a Coach Bus Beats Driving: School, Business, and Beyond

Living in the USA means getting intimately familiar with highways. In 2022, Americans collectively spent 93 billion hours behind the wheel. While driving is part of normal, daily life for most individuals, sometimes it’s nice to just kick up your feet and leave the driving to a professional. At Richfield Bus Company, our coach bus rentals provide many benefits, and they are the perfect solution for all your group transportation needs. It allows you or your company to plan trips, arrange company outings, coordinate event transport, and more without adding to the billions of hours we spend on the road.

School Trips Using a Coach Bus

Coach bus rentals are an excellent solution for school trips. From sports games to field trips, our bus rental options allow your students to travel safely and comfortably for long and short distances alike. While older students may feel confident about their driving abilities, it’s safer and simpler to have everyone onboard and accounted for when planning school outings. Coach bus rentals provide peace of mind to parents and let teachers and coaches do their best work without worrying about the logistics of mass transport.

Company Travel

Richfield Bus Company is proud to offer our coach bus rentals to Minnesota local companies. Busing for conferences or work events cuts down on costs and allows directors and managers to ensure that everyone is on time and where they need to be. Our bus rental options are comfortable, affordable, and a great way to limit collective company mileage.

Event Transport

We keep the phrase event transportation open-ended because our bus rental options can cover just about any activity under the sun. From funerals and medical transport to concerts and conventions, our coach bus options come in different sizes, styles, and price ranges to handle it all. Event managers can reach out to our busing team to find out more about our offers. Our drivers are standing by and waiting to hear from your coordinators today.

Administrators and managers looking for safe and high-quality busing can contact us today at (952) 881-1111, send us an email, or visit our website to find out more and request a quote. Richfield Bus Company is available year-round, sun or snow, for all of your transport needs.